Pagosa Springs Trip Day#6

Today we spent the day Durango, Co and walked up and down Main Avenue. There were several shops and boutiques. I purchased a pendant made of dendrite opal. It is black and white speckled. It is so pretty and I can’t wait to find an opportunity to wear it; I am pretty sure it will easily match a lot of what I wear.

Bella could not wait to make a purchase. She convinced her daddy to let her buy a colorful striped stuffed unicorn. She is soooo girly and I love it! I had hoped to convince her to buy a stuffed moose or bear since we are in Colorado, but I guess there may be unicorns here just as well. Brenden and Bella both purchased an arrowhead. I may need to get Brenden a display since he wants to start collecting them from different locations. It would be cool to find one in the wilderness some day. Brenden wanted to purchase a pocket knife and was willing to settle for a knife with “Brandon” printed on it. He wanted to try and modify it, and I told him no. His name is unique and it is hard to find him already personalized items. Perhaps I will need preorder him a personalized pocket knife. He will be 9 this year…too young? Other small purchases I made included the obligatory t-shirt purchase for the kids, wilderness pot holders (one with a mountain and one with a moose), and a ladle with a painted elk on it. We are slowly trying to change our home into the outback.

We had our first diner experience since the beginning of this trip. We ate at Grassburger for lunch and it was soooo good. I highly recommend the sweet potato fries. Bella tried it and spit it out, but she is 5 years old…don’t trust her review. Lol. Brenden and I both had the delicious zuberfizz cream soda fountain drink with pure cane sugar and it was to die for. I love how the two of us are the only ones in our family to drink soda. What a great unhealthy way for us to connect…lol.

On the way back to our resort in Pagosa Springs, I again admired the Chimney Rock from a distance. It is really neat and ancient structure. Brenden believes the tallest structure looks like the Great Sphinx of Giza, and I very much agree.

We went for another swim at the resorts indoor salt water pool. I LOVE the hot tub, what a great way to relax. My in-laws made a delicious salad and spaghetti with homemade meat balls. I took another evening walk with my husband, and little Bella joined us. I love that she chooses spending time with family over watching t.v. We saw a raccoon bigger than Bella!

How am I doing with chronic pain?

Today was the hardest hike yet…lol. Walking from shop to shop and standing in place on concrete was actually harder than hiking an up and down dirt trail surprisingly. I did hurt overnight and did some physical therapy, but only the bare minimum because I was exhausted. I woke up in pain and took some ibuprofen the next morning. It will be ok. Just remember that life is worth living and will continue to find ways to function.

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