Living with Chronic Pains

The hip pain started when I was at a young and healthy age. It started as a mild ache and progressed to the point of constant debilitating pain. I tried over the counter and prescribed medications, chiropractic and massage therapy, physical therapy, joint injections, and even surgeries…but the pain still remains. I finally realized that there is no cure for my chronic pain and that this will be a life long journey for me. So, I am now pursuing what I should have been doing from the beginning…PRAYER and JOURNALING.

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3rd hip surgery- 4 months of recovery

I continue to be very HAPPY with the outcome of this surgery. I am seeing my physical therapist about once a week and doing my strengthening exercises at home. I am picking up speed when I walk, as my stride is a little longer now. The past couple of weeks I have been trying to…

3rd hip surgery- 3 months of recovery

For the most part, my debilitating chronic pain of 15 years is gone. I am thankful that I can take less pain medication and actually experience relief with sitting and lying down. I can actually tell that my hip bone is no longer “catching” on the pelvis when I flex my hip.  However, I will…

3rd hip surgery- 8 weeks of recovery

Check out below images of my hip! Can you see the rod and screws? Can you see where the intentional osteotomy (fracture) occurred? Can you see the bone fragments that “spewed” out the top of my femur? Crazy to think this is my leg now! I feel amazing. I am constantly smiling and my kids…

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