Devices for pain relief

  1. Foam roller is a lightweight, cylindrical tube of compressed foam that is great for myofascial release. I use it frequently to work out the knots in my hips, thighs, buttock, and back.
  2. Hot Bath is one of my go to’s now, and sometimes accompanied by a glass of wine. I no longer take showers, and enjoy a hot bath to relieve my discomfort. Sometimes it is only temporary relief, but its is always well worth it. I also like to spend that time with meditation and prayer.
  3. TENS unit (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation unit) is attached to your skin with electrodes in the area your pain. It sends electrical impulses through your nervous system, reducing your body’s ability to transmit pain signals back up to the brain. It is often battery operated and portable. I have used one on my hip while walking through the ICU’s taking care of my patient’s. My physical therapist and chiropractor have a much stronger stationary TENS unit that I sometimes use when I have a lot of tension.
  4. Ice pack has been a life saver for me, especially when my hip is throbbing! I purchased a large flexible medical grade ice pack on Amazon. While lying on my side, I place it on top of my affected hip, wrapped in a towel, and fall asleep. There are also ice packs that can be strapped on when I am on the move working a 12 hour shifts at work. Ice does a great job with not only decreasing the inflammation, but also overriding those pain signals being sent to my brain.
  5. Heat pack has worked well for me when I am tight and aching. I have not only used it for my hip, but also for my neck. A heat pack may be preferred over the electric heating pad, as it provides moisture and has less risk for injury.
  6. Travel foot rest comes in many forms and is great for long car rides or flights. I use an inflatable foot rest during my 14 hour flight to Fiji, which allowed me to turn and almost lie down on my side.
  7. Stadium seat has been my savior when going to the ice rink to watch my kids play hockey and figure skate. I love the one that has arm rests and reclines. It is lightweight and easy to carry…even my sweet 8 year old son has volunteered to carry it for me.
  8. Knee pillow for slide sleepers and/or leg elevation pillow for supine sleepers. I actually have both products. Lately I have used a 7″ memory foam wedge pillow for supine and on my side. However, the knee pillow is more convenient for travel.
  9. SI (sacroiliac) hip belt I use intermittently and it helps me to stabilize my SI joint dysfunction. It was recommended to me by one of my physical therapists.
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