Pagosa Springs Day#7

Opal Lake Hike, Pagosa Springs, Co

Another wonderful day in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This morning we got up early to hit a few shops in Pagosa Springs before our first hike. Alex found a wonderful store called “Made in Colorado”. I spent a lot of money on souvenirs and I highly recommend this store!

Papa Moreno with the kids at Opal Lake

Then we hiked the Opal Lake Trail. Most of the hike in was up hill, but in the shade, and only 1.2 miles. I will attach some beautiful photos. My favorite part was an Aspen forest and small streams that we had to cross. The water surface really looked opal. We may have captured our Christmas Card photo on this hike.

Aspen Forest on Opal Lake Hike
Brenden climbing rock

We had a relaxing evening back at the resort, after hitting more shops in Pagosa Springs. Louise, my mother-in-law, made me an amazing cappuccino that I enjoyed after my shower and while bathing my children.

Great way to end my day (cappuccino and new shirt)

How am I doing with chronic pains?

I can tell that my left leg is becoming weaker as the week goes on. That is expected as I am not used to this kind of work out. It took a while for my pain to improve after a long day, but with massage and changing positions frequently in bed I eventually was able to sleep. When morning comes I will be good.

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