3rd Hip Surgery!!!

Monday, March 21, 2022! 

It has been a very difficult journey these past few months, and I have delayed this next surgery long enough. It is painful to stand, walk, sit, and lie down. This PAIN has continued to be a nuisance in my life. Everyday I have to plan around the frequency and level of my pain. It has also made me more fatigued and sad. 

Just a quick recap: During my last hip surgery (July 23, 2020) for the ischiofemoral impingement, my surgeon discovered in the operating room that I have another type of hip impingement. It requires a different type of surgeon/surgery.

Click Femoral Retroversion. Basically, my femoral head is malpositioned, facing the wrong way! He says it is a congenital defect and may be the cause of my ongoing pain. Every time I take a step, my femoral head is catching my hip and forcing it to move in the wrong direction. Let’s just say my range of motion STINKS for my left hip. I walk so wonky.

CLICK FEMORAL OSTEOTOMY. It is supposed to be a very painful surgery, because they have to break my leg, twist it, and place a rod through it.

Recover Time? I will be on 2 crutches for 6 weeks, then 1 crutch for the following 4 weeks. In 3-6 months I will be getting back to normal. In 12 months I will be able to do high impact exercise again. I will stay at least 2-4 nights in the hospital for pain management and training on how to get around with a “broken bone”.

Why have I delayed this surgery for the past year? 

#1 Surgery depletes my savings each time, and it takes time to rebuild. 

#2 I really needed to build that swimming pool last year. Not only for my health, but for my insanity. It also allows me to do non-weight bearing activities with my family. They can see me happy and not struggling to walk/stand. I do well in water. 

#3 This surgery is not a guaranteed fix for my chronic pains, and I have been frankly scared of “suffering” during the recovery process that follows. It sounds so painful! Therefore, I tried some other pain relief methods. I have been seeing a pain management doctor who performs local injections, but this has not been very effective. Initially I did see a little improvement with physical therapy and massage, but it has unfortunately not remained consistent. 

Click this link for a retrospective clinical review. 

There is NO GUARANTEE that this upcoming surgery will completely alleviate my pain, but there is a very good chance I will get relief. Even 50% relief would be AMAZING! 


I am ready to give surgery another shot! It has been a disappointment after each of the last 2 surgeries not having enough relief from my chronic PAIN, but as I get closer to my surgery date, I am becoming more hopeful. Now, I know that I won’t wake up from anesthesia with immediate relief…Ha! However, I do hope to tell a difference in the next 3 months, and especially after 6 months of full recovery.  

Since I will be pretty immobile for the next month, be ready to see more journal entries in between my Netflix binges.

Also, please pray for me. Surgery will be at 0830 AM. It is going to be hard for me to submit to the medical professionals for the 2 nights I have to stay in the hospital. Please pray that they are understanding of my needs and that they are not bothered by my requests. Please pray for my husband, who will be not only caring for me and the kids, but also running his business at the same time. We could use a lot of love and support these next couple of weeks.

6 thoughts on “3rd Hip Surgery!!!

  1. Hi Robin. You have been so strong through this. You have given your all to your profession in order to give your patients the best possible care. I pray and believe that the people working on your surgery and after, will do their very best for you, too. Lean on God, your family, and friends while you recover. We are here for you.


    1. Thank you Tiff. You are so encouraging. I feel so weak right now, but I know the Lord is strong and will carry me through this. I am so blessed to have you in my life sis.


  2. Robin. We are praying for success in your surgical procedure. Pain control. Pain relief. Healing. Your surgical team. Correct decisions. Alex. Brendon and Bella all the related moms dads and siblings. Our hearts are with you and the Lord is already there. Peace. Strength. Calm. We love you.

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    1. Thank you Cynthia! I love you guys so much. You and Jess continue to do wonderful things in Gods name. You show so much LOVE and compassion, understanding, and encouragement. App of your kids and grandkids…oh and GREAT grandkids are a testament to your faithfulness to God. I LOVE you dearly.


  3. Dearest Robin, you are in my heart and prayers. May God be with you and the surgeon and all his team. May God direct his hands in all he does to repair your hip. May your healing be miraculous and happen quicker than expected. May your pain be more manageable and less severe than anticipated. May God bless your husband and give him extra strength, patience, and grace for the loving care you will need. May your marriage and family grow stronger through this experience. And may you all come through this casting all your cares upon the One who can handle it all, each and every day! Love you and yours!

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    1. Thank you Cynthia. Your words are perfect and from the heart. I am actually taking you prayer 🙏🏻, and will use it as my own each day 🤲 . God is doing such wonderful things through you, Leck, and your family. I love you and I thank you ❤️


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