Pagosa Springs Trip Day#2


Bella’s sweet tooth

We set our alarm to wake up at 7am, just so I could have breakfast at Cracker Barrel! My favorite breakfast place located just in the parking lot of the Ashmore Inn & Suites Hotel. The kids both got HUGE mugs of hot cocoa topped with whip cream and syrup. Everyone in the family had pancakes, but I got my usual biscuits and gravy…yummmy! I purchased some of their special ground coffee from the shop since I brought my Greka and forgot my coffee for this trip. Bella, my daughter age 5, purchased a lollipop almost as big as her face. Brenden, my son age 8, being the soda pop lover, purchased a bag of Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy. Ew! Anyways, we made it to our destination safely today. We are staying at the Wyndham Pegosa Springs Resort.  Their service is incredible! Our microwave went out, so they came and REPLACED IT within an hour!

I have been to Colorado more times than I can count. It is truly my favorite state. Every time, I get so excited watching the plains of Texas, turn into the hills of New Mexico, and becoming big beautiful snow capped mountains of Colorado. We have seen a few deer already. Alex is unfortunately sick at the moment; the common cold. It started with my son a few days ago, and now it is slowly, but surely, traveling through the family. I really hope Bella and I can avoid it…we will see. My mother and father in-laws are also traveling with us. They are wonderful and provided a home cooked meal this evening. 

Brenden in heaven with Dr. pepper Cotton Candy

How are my chronic pains?

My hips did remarkable well. I did have some sciatica, and a dose of gabapentin helped. Once again, my kind sick sweet husband only allowed me to drive only 2 hours. I am always willing to drive more, but he is just so valiant. With my last trip to New Braunfels, Tx and now this trip to Colorado, I have pulled a rib, and the pain is most notable when sitting in the car of course. It starts in my back and shoots around to my front chest. I’m sure my posture has not been the best when packing and loading up the car. I used the car seats cooling and heating functions more today. This is ACUTE pain, rather than chronic pain. It is nice to know that if you can address acute pain appropriately early on, the majority of the time you can avoid chronic pain. That being said, I better break out the foam roller on my back. Love you guys, thank you for being supportive as journaling, prayer, and medication has really been the best medicine for me.

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