Pagosa Springs Trip Day#1

We left this morning from Fort Worth, Tx for our most important vacation of 2021. We will be staying a week in Pagosa Springs, Co. This will be the second time for Alex and me to stay at this timeshare resort, but this time we get to experience it with the kids!! Currently we are on our way to the first stop at a hotel in Amarillo, Tx.We had a late start, so won’t arrive until 9:30 pm…so, right now the sun is setting and in our eyes! Bella, who is only 5 years old, is watching the 1990 Incredible Hulk movie. She watches it in the back seat on every trip (sometimes twice), and Alex sits in the front seat quoting every scene word for word. Alex tells me that he watched the movie over and over in high school, fantasizing that he could show up all the bullies that picked on him when he weighed only 140 lbs. Early in our marriage, Alex sent a Hulk poster to Lou Ferrigno in hopes of obtaining an autograph…unfortunately the poster was never returned.

I can tell we are getting close to Amarillo, as the kids are starting to ask “What is that smell?” LOL. Brenden asked about the “stray” cows everywhere. They are shocked we are still in Texas after driving for 5 hours. I have attached a photo of the sunset as we are entering Amarillo, Tx. We stayed at a hotel and watched game 6 of the Mavericks vs Clippers… we lost, so going to game 7 now! How intense!!! Finally fell asleep at midnight.

How did I deal with chronic pain?

My hips did as well as expected. I drove the first 2 hours straight, then did some squats and lunges at the travel stop, because I was so tight and aching. I’m sure people thought I was crazy. Alex took over the next 3 hours of drive time. At the hotel I used my travel foam roller and did all my floor physical therapy, also to include squeezing a small basket ball between my knees. This definitely helped and I avoided any pain medication!

drive by photo of Amarillo, Tx Sunset, so may not have great resolution.

3 thoughts on “Pagosa Springs Trip Day#1

  1. All the best for the vacation Robin and so good to hear all the details. I have been to the US 3-4 times but haven’t been to Texas!

    I couldn’t see the sunset pic 🤔


  2. Thank you Ashok! This is the first trip I have tried to make some posts from my apple iPhone, rather than my laptop. Still a lot to learn. Hopefully photo now shows up. I love living in Texas, but honestly I think there are way better states in the US for you to visit. Where have you visited?


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