Pagosa Springs Trip Day #3

Alex, my hubby, is still sick with fever in bed. I have not seen him this sick in many years, poor guy! At one point today, he did make it down to the resort’s indoor pool to watch our kids play. Alex threw a water soaked football back and forth with the kids for a bit, but he did not last long. It took all of his energy, and he had to return back to bed. The kids also played a game of Chess, for which I had to help Bella beat Brenden…Girl power!

Brenden and Bella Game of Chess

My in-laws and myself took the kids to Pagosa Riverwalk and they we all had a good time checking out the visitor center. Interestingly, Pagosa has the deepest geothermal hot spring in the world! Most of the pools you have to pay money to lounge around for a day. However, we found the Hippy Dippy hot spring right down at the riverbank and it was free. I put me and the kids feet into the warm steaming water and it was awesome! I LOVE the smell of sulfur…weird, right? We came across some boiling/bubbling springs, and Brenden, being so smart, informed us that water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. I have not verified this, but he is a pretty smart kid with an incredible memory. We will go back to the hot spring in our full bathing suit gear when my sweet hubby can join us. I am trying to not do anything TOO exciting until he can join us.

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Please pray that the rest of us stay healthy and that Alex has a quick recover. Bella collected her usual handful of favorite rocks. I never really know where all these rocks end up when we make it home at the end of every trip.  This evening after a homemade taco dinner, just my mother-in-law and I went out for some margaritas down by the river. It was so nice leaving the kids with Papa and having some girl time! However, after having one margarita, like cool young women that we are, we went to Walmart 🤣. We are back at the resort and ready to pass out before 11pm. 

Margarita date with my mother-in-law

How am I doing with chronic pain?

The “good hip” on the right is really aching this evening. I usually notice this when I am not balancing my weight correctly. If left unchecked, this leads to runaway plasticity and more problems down the line. It is important to not rely to much on your UNAFFECTED limb. Make the AFFECTED limb do more work, as long as it does not lead to increased injury.  This evening, I have done the foam roller and will now add on a topical hemp cream.  I have taken my usual muscle relaxant and gabapentin. I am listening to my body, telling my right hip that “It is OK, and you did well today. Now rest.” All of this to avoid use of narcotics. I may end up requiring my heat pack later tonight, which works well, but it is important to realize the RISK of combining topical medication with a heat source. This will increase the absorption amount and rate of the medication. It can lead to toxicity/overdose of the medication, so I am delaying use of my heat pack. Again, always find a medical provider to help you make wise decisions in your pain management. Love you guys, Have a good night. Thank you for staying tuned!!

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