3rd hip surgery- 4 months of recovery

I continue to be very HAPPY with the outcome of this surgery. I am seeing my physical therapist about once a week and doing my strengthening exercises at home. I am picking up speed when I walk, as my stride is a little longer now. The past couple of weeks I have been trying to walk up and down the stairs, but have developed pain in the medial (inside) aspect of my left knee. Therefore, I was given exercises by my physical therapist to strengthen the muscle there, thinking it was just weakness in that area. It has only worsened.

HOWEVER, I saw my surgeon yesterday (7/26) and it turns out it is the screws causing soft tissue pain! Easy fix!! He did warn me of this back when I had the surgery.

Therefore, I am scheduled to have the screws removed in about 3 weeks

(August 17th), as they are no longer necessary since my femur fracture is healing well. It is a minor procedure.

SCREWS in my lower femur are coming out!



I also told my surgeon that I just still don’t know how to walk correctly, with the change in my left leg alignment. My ankle still hurts. Do I allow my ankle to relax and become flat footed, or do I try walking more on the lateral plantar side of my foot?? I guess “NEUTRAL” is the answer. Easier said then done…haha!

Here is a link to a site I found that seems very informative!!



Believe it or not, my surgeon is now encouraging me to WALK BAREFOOT or to wear MINIMALIST shoes. What!?! What is that? He says it will strengthen my calfs, ankles, and feet…etc. Apparently, I will experience discomfort because it will be like a workout for my feet, but gets better with time. If you do not know what minimalist shoes entail, like me, click this link to my resource page. https://chronicpains.org/minimalist-barefoot-shoes/

Minimalist “barefoot” shoes

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