3rd hip surgery- 3 months of recovery

For the most part, my debilitating chronic pain of 15 years is gone. I am thankful that I can take less pain medication and actually experience relief with sitting and lying down. I can actually tell that my hip bone is no longer “catching” on the pelvis when I flex my hip. 

However, I will say that I do have flares up if I take the stairs and when I try to do side steps with the rubber bands. I am taking NSAID’s and trying to avoid these activities this week. I could use some ice right now. I assume this can be expected at this time in the game? 

There is also a new pain radiating in my anterior thigh with every step. I think this has me worried the most.  It hurts, and I am unsure of what it is. It is very consistent. I don’t think it is a muscle, because massage and stretching make no difference. Maybe it is bone pain? Maybe it is the site of my fracture? Or can the rod cause discomfort?  I experience it every time I lift my left leg to take another step.  I cannot physically walk any faster because of this pain. I do hope that this is only temporary and resolves with physical therapy. Or maybe time will heal? However, I have not seen improvement in the 3 weeks since being completely off the crutches. Interestingly, If I use one crutch, the pain resolves. So somehow full weight bearing is causing this pain. I will have to talk to my surgeon about it at the next appointment. 

I head out to Colorado this next week. I will be doing al the diving from Texas, but I did well with this last year. I think I will do well, as long as I stay awake!! My favorite thing to do in the mountains is to hike. I will take walking sticks, but I don’t know if I will even make it a mile down a trail. We will see. If I have to stop and head back to the trail head, I will just take my time and breath in the fresh beautiful 70 degree air. I sure am ready to leave this 105 degree Texas heat! I’ll try posting on my travel journal, like I did last summer.

In order to take vacation, I have to work many of my required monthly shifts in a row. I just came off 11 days straight working cardiovascular ICU. It is hard to squeeze in swimming with these long work stretches. That is one of the many reasons I look forward to switching to dayshift starting in August! I hope to just work 2-4 days in a row. I can then have days to recover and spend time with my family. I really need this!

Anyways, I will keep you all updated on my recovery. I am still limping around and I am thankful to those that show concern and ask how I am doing. I continue to be optimistic about this most recent surgery and I praise God for his many blessings.

StarWars battle with Brenden & Bella

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