3rd Hip Surgery- 4 weeks after surgery

The surgeon is happy with my progress. I am getting strong and may be down to using only one crutch soon! My pain continues to lessen and I pray to God, my Lord and Savior, that I continue to have significant relief. The true test will be when I am full weight bearing without crutches. I should known in the next 2-4 weeks. 

I actually travelled 4 hours by car to see family in San Angelo, Tx this past weekend for Easter. I managed well. I sat on a hard bench hours on end, spending time scanning family moments into my computer. I also played photographer and took lots of family photos. 

Today is my first day back to work. I am going back FULL FORCE. Working long 12 hour shifts, but I think I am ready. I am tough and the recover of this surgery is not as looooong as my last surgery. Also, there is the fact that I believe this surgery may have been a success. 

That being said, you all know how much I OVERDO myself. Please pray for my strength and resilience. Pray over my family, who continues to take excellent care of me. The Lord has been so good to me, and I know he will continue to carry me through difficult times. 

Look for another update in a couple of weeks.

Happy Easter!

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