3rd Hip Surgery -First 2 Weeks of Recovery

I am now 2 weeks post op a proximal femoral rotational osteotomy and intramedullary fixation for a left femoral torsion. I had delayed this surgery for over a year due to fear of the immediate post op pain that I would face…and let me tell you, it was the absolute worst pain of my life! That being said, I was able to go home after spending my obligatory 2 nights in the hospital. I went home with a walker and I am now transitioning to 2 crutches. I have gradually been able to come down significantly on the post op pain medications.

I used an ice wrap machine these first two weeks to help numb the pain and this was most helpful, especially at night. I still had the machine from my last surgery and I highly recommend it for almost any hip surgery. 

Did the surgery work?

The surgeon was very happy with the increased motility of my left hip. He rotated it inwards by 25 degrees. While in the hospital, none of the nursing staff or physicians/surgeons had seen this major surgery performed before. As I have said before, my condition is very rare. I think this surgery may have either eliminated or significantly reduced my chronic pain. I am doing well. However, I will not really know for sure until I am 100% weight bearing and off of these medications. I will let you know when May 2022 comes around.

My leg looks FUNNY to me!!! 

It is now rotated inwards and I am also no longer flat footed. I actually have an arch now. My muscles and surrounding structures are having to adjust to this new position. I developed a huge knot in my left quadriceps this week, creating a new painful sensation anytime those muscles would flex.  I have already had two appointments with my massage therapist, Olivia, since my surgery and she has done an excellent job with my affected hip. I have been seeing her for over a year now, and she knows my body so well. My other “good” hip as well as my lower back have to compensate a lot for my affected left hip, so Olivia also spends time in those areas. 

What has been the hardest thing following surgery?

There have been many challenges following surgery. I still require help from time to time getting in and out of the shower. It is physically hard to reach my left foot to change my socks and put on pants. It takes a lot of upper body strength to propel myself forward on the crutches. I have continued to improve with all my ADL’s, however the hardest thing to achieve has been getting my food from the kitchen over to the dining table. Having both hands occupied with crutches, I have difficulty getting that cup of hot tea into the next room.

So what now?

I will continue to take it easy until 4 weeks post op when I will return back to work full time. I will still be on 2 crutches and will transition to 1 crutch when I reach 6 weeks post op. Then, I will spend the entire month of May 2022 on that 1 crutch. There is no plan for prescribed physical therapy. At 6 weeks I will be allowed to start riding a stationary bike and swimming in my new pool.  I will personally continue my therapeutic massage therapy on a weekly basis for now to maintain the flexibility of my hips/back and surrounding structures. I will continue to praise my Lord and Savior for all that he has provided me during this difficult time. I will continue to journal, and one day I hope to help others in a similar situation to mine.

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