Journal #6

This past week has been a struggle…

I hurt. I overdid it. I did as well as expected hiking that week in Colorado. I felt invincible when I made it back to Texas. I decided to take on an intense cycling class at the gym. Then hot yoga the next day, which is new to me. I really enjoyed both classes. I felt like I was doing ok, until I power walked across the hospital to a medical emergency (Code Blue) two days later. I have been paying for it ever since!! Acute on chronic pain of over a week now…

It hurts to sit, stand, walk, and lie down. There is no comfortable position. My hip is now popping (not painful), and my chiropractor tells me that is within my hip joint, and it is because of all the surrounding structures being tight and inflamed. I feel so stiff!  My massage therapist spent an hour just on the hips. I see my physical therapist next week. Despite all that, I am continuing to make myself move around. I did go to the trampoline park yesterday with the kiddos. They begged me to jump with them, so I bought myself a pass. I tried to limit how high and frequent I would jump, and just tried to keep on smiling. They are worth it. My lower back is now also tight….BUT NO REGRETS.

Altitude Trampoline Park

As far as drugs, I have been limiting myself to the gabapentin, ibuprofen, and Tylenol. I have started my pain diary back up to keep track of medications. The foam roller has been used, and I should honestly be using it more than I am. I bought an extra foam roller to keep at work. It is a smaller foam roller, so I can take it when I travel as well. I tried purchasing one of those collapsible foam rollers, but it was way too firm and hurts to use! 

The heat pack is helping. I have not used ice since there is more information coming out on the importance of using heat over ice with an acute injury. It is said that ice can slow down circulation to the injury, prohibiting healing. Heat dilates the area, allowing better circulation. Anyways, I just really stick with the idea of doing what feels good at the time. Listen to your body. If one method causes pain, try the other option. 

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