Journal #4

Today is a day filled with ANGER for me. I am angry because my husband works so hard, starting his own company only 3 years ago. Alex has his own lawn care service, Lonewolf Lawnare. He is very hard working and his customers are already so fond of him. He sends flyers out the beginning of Spring to local residents. His flyer has a picture of our family on it. He is such a wonderful proud and loving husband. He keeps his equipment in service. Her performs beautiful landscaping jobs. As I write, my anger is lessened. I love thinking of my husband.

My hard working husband

Why am I angry, you may ask? It is because his one employee has been out for weeks with an injury and Alex needs good reliable help. He has been advertising for hire through social media. He has received a few responses, but what makes me so angry is when someone commits to come work with him and they are a NO SHOW! This has happened multiple times this past year. What kind of a person are you to commit and then abandon someone high and dry!?! Why couldn’t you pick up the phone to call my husband and let him know that you are no longer interested or no longer available. This has happened many times and it makes me look very poorly on the world I live in. My daddy was a VERY hard worker. Even when there was sleet and ice, he was trying to get his very old rickety pickup truck to slide down the road so that he could open up the doors of the business he worked for. 

Today it happened again. My husband had 12 hours of work to do, that was now turning into 24 hours because some butthead decided to not show up as he promised. After working all night, up for 20 hours, and after taking a sleep aid, I threw off my covers, changed into shorts, ball cap, grabbed an energy drink, water, and sunblock and started driving towards my husband. I was in tears thinking how hard these past 2 weeks have been for him and I. I also have worked 12 hour shifts and have been working the last 10 nights, but all I could think about is the hard physical labor my husband has been enduring all by himself. Alex called me as I was on my way to surprise him, letting me know that one of his recreational hockey buddies showed up and will help. Thanks God!! I just don’t know how we can keep going on like this. This country has to FORCE people collecting unemployment paychecks to get off their LAZY bums. There are plenty of jobs, have you no dignity?? AND….don’t tell someone you will do something, and not live up to it!

7 thoughts on “Journal #4

  1. Matt and two of his friends worked during the summers on a landscaping crew. Maybe you can find some high schoolers needing summer money.

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  2. Really enjoying your blog. So proud of you for starting it and finally sharing your feelings. You have wanted to do this for some time. I hope it helps. Miss you terribly.

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