Prayer Talk #2

God you are so great and loving. You are my protector. Thank you for guiding me home after the events of the last 24 hours. On my way to work last night, my car over heated. As I am driving down the Expressway I wonder, Is that smoke coming from my hood? Nah…I am just seeing things. Then the car starts to power down and the engine light comes on. Yep…that is definitely smoke. I was terrified that I would me stranded on this 80 mile/hr highway with very little shoulder, but my car pushed forward and I was able to exit. I had to park in an area known for high crime, so I locked up the car for the night. I called up a good  friend, who came to pick me up and take me to work. Thank you for such a great friend. I am blessed by the people you have brought into my life. 

The next morning after working a 12 hour shift at the hospital, my friend took me back to the car where I waited for the toe truck that arrived a little later than I had planned. The gentleman was so kind and struck up a conversation. He looks under my hood and told me it was the radiator. We talked of our kids and my weekend vacation plans. As my car rolled away towards the dealership across town, I had a Lyft driver come pick me up. He was a lovely older gentleman. We were on the topic of Star Wars when he was pulled over for speeding. Man, I was almost home! My driver was so polite to the officer. He was very respectful, and the police officer let my Lyft driver get away with just a warning! Finally, after several hours I made it home in hopes of going straight to bed. As we pulled up to my house, I see the maids in my driveway. Oh no! I had not picked up the house for the cleaning crew. So, I spent another hour running around my house picking up shoes, clothes, toys, trash, etc. My husband is also having to work long hours, because his employee is unable to work this week. So, I set my alarm to wake up 4 hours later to pick up the kids from school. I now sit here exhausted on my back patio, writing in my journal, listening to the fountain my husband gave me last year for mother’s day. Despite the troubles of the last 24 hours, I still feel blessed. God, I continue to see your creation all around me, like the nice men I met today, my children loving on me, the chirping birds in my back yard…even these darn mosquitos on my back patio 😆! Thank you Lord for the many blessings. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Prayer Talk #2

  1. So heartening to see you are filled with gratitude despite tough times Robin.

    Gratitude is Pillar 2 of my book – 4 Pillars of Abundant Life 😊


  2. To be able to see how blessed you are after a long stressful day like that, shows how you listen to Gods subconscious words to you. It is so easy to start feeling sorry for yourself when you only focus on your struggles. It takes a lot of discipline and reflection to be able to do this. You have helped me be closer to God by watching how you have overcome your trials, and yet have this positive & grateful attitude.

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