Pagosa Springs Day#9 and 10 (The End)

We are traveling back to our home in Texas. It is sad to see the mountains with tall pine and aspen trees, shrink down into the desert of New Mexico, then the plains of Texas. I love living in Texas where my family is, but I wish we had a second home in the mountains to spend our long summers. Alex and I actually fantasized about purchasing property in Pagosa and explored the available properties online one evening. We will see…maybe in 20 years we can pull it off…lol.  

We left Pagosa at a good time. We stopped by a convenient store where Bella purchased a hand drum. She loves it so much, so she took into a Mexican restaurant that we stopped at for dinner. A young staff member actually stopped us at the door when we were leaving to ask if Bella had taken the hand drum from them. We assured them that Bella walked into the restaurant with the toy.

Towneplace Suites Amarillo

We stayed overnight on the west side of Amarillo at a phenomenal hotel called Towneplace Suites by Marriot. The hotel is new and smelled like fresh paint an febreeze. The staff were so kind. Our room had a full size fridge, dishwasher, stovetop, dishes and cookware. There was a dining table and full size closet. I wanted to move in for good…lol! The beds were comfortable and the breakfast was nice and hot the next morning. They have an indoor pool and hot tub that we enjoyed as well. You guys have to stay there if you are ever in Amarillo. I will be sure to go online and give them a 5 star review. 

swimming at Towneplace Suites Amarillo (last night of vacation)

Last night I coughed a lot. I had to take Mucinex DM and suck on a cough drop all night. I feel fatigued today and really hope I am not coming down with the cold that Brenden and Alex experienced. We will see. I am especially excited about getting back to Fort Worth, Texas because my cousin Jalen has moved into our spare bedroom! She accepted a job in our area and is house hunting. Also, our neighbors pool was completed this past week, and we have been invited for a swim! I will still feel like I am on vacation, especially since I already washed all our laundry from this trip back at the resort. 

How am I doing with my chronic pains?

I am doing well, other than sciatica during the long car ride back home for which I took a prescribed dose of gabapentin. Prayer and Journaling on this trip has truly helped me stay positive and deal with my perceptions of my chronic pains. I really appreciate the encouragement I have received from my friends and family. It is good to reflect on all the many blessings in one’s life. This week I have been blessed by my in-laws who helped me tremendously with the kids and with chores. They provided delicious homemade meals. I was blessed by a wonderful friend and physician who was able to call in prescriptions so that Alex could heal from his illness. I thank God for the safe 1500 miles round trip, along with all the excursions we took up down the long gravel roads up in the mountains. I was truly blessed by God’s beautiful creation of the mountains, trees, rivers, waterfalls, and wildlife. 

One thought on “Pagosa Springs Day#9 and 10 (The End)

  1. So good to know that the trip has ended on a good note and you would be home soon!

    You know Robin it is really not important to own property or any possession for that matter. We are just trustees .. it is good to enjoy the place. Renting is easier ….

    Love and hugs 🤗


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